Le Meridian Chongming hotel will be opened soon

The hotel and international center interior is designed by PTA, since the start of the kick off, it already last for 6 years. The hotel is in Greenland Long island ,Chongming .

Chic, cultured and discovery is the core values of Le Meridien. Inpired by its origin Paris is the lens through which everything is messured and evaluated. Comtemporaty art and design set the environment .It has the plan of “openning the gate of the art.” That help define and enrich the guest experience through the tailor-made creations. To let the guest immerse in the art and food, exploring the new angle of seeing the world.

The design by PTA use the concept of” the golden days of Shanghai glamour meet Parisian chic”.reinventing the past to speak to the present with chic for today.Curated original and sculptural…to creat stylish modular chic and sohisticated art piece to let there be light. To let the guest immerse in the moments of discovery an whimsy. To be stimuated with thought provoking.topography arial views and our city is the subtle layer of deisn rooted in the brands DNA. Proving a new perspective with european hospitality the timeless chic.

Sophistication with a touch of old shanghai and the well travelled soul…, A feast for the senses, Let’s play, creating a sense of entry…the talo-made storyline create the whole hotel spaces.