PTA has always been guided by a belief that the quality of the environments we create has a direct effect on the nature of its inhabitants, whether, in the workplace, at home, in a hotel or in the public sphere. We believe that architecture is best produced by the immediate needs of people - whether spatial or spiritual –in synthesis with the physical context, culture and climate of a place. It is this diverse range of influences that we intend to channel and integrate into our design process to reach excellent and livable forms of architecture.

We believe the best architecture is produced by a dedication to innovation, PTA intends to challenge existing design conventions by asking the right questions to foster novel design solutions. It is this synthesis of accuracy, timing and market expertise that defines our client relationships.


“What if” scenarios allow us to arrive at new designs possibilities and to challenge conventional design solutions. PTA’s intention is one of value creation, since the success of a project cannot be simply measured by how it performs in a market place but rather what lasting values it generates in its lifecycle. The creation of these values in our architecture is of foremost importance. We believe in a design approach that identifies and responds to future values.


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